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St. Eustatius, Dutch Caribbean

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pronounce St. Eustatius?

             SAINT - U - STAY - SHUS   Statia is pronounced STAY - SHA

What is the population of St. Eustatius?

The population of St. Eustatius is approximately 3800.

Where is St. Eustatius located?

Statia is located in the north eastern Caribbean, 150 miles east of Puerto Rico (latitude 17.00, longitude 63.04), 90 miles east of St. Croix, 38 miles south of St. Maarten and 17 miles southeast of Saba.

How big is St. Eustatius?

              Statia is an island of 11.8 square miles or approximately 30.6 square kilometers.

How do I get to St. Eustatius?

Most major US Airlines have service to St. Maarten (airport code SXM).  From St. Maarten you will have to fly Windward Islands Airways Winair to St. Eustatius (airport code EUX). 

American Airlines will book you only to St. Maarten, you will need to contact Winair for a connecting flight to Statia.

Delta Airlines will book you only to St. Maarten, you will need to contact Winair for a connecting flight to Statia.

Contenental will book you only to St. Maarten, you will need to contact Winair for a connecting flight to Statia.

There are approximately 4 flights daily to St. Eustatius by Winair from St. Maarten.  Flight time is approximately 17 minutes.

You can reach Winair through their website at 


St. Maarten

Telephone :

(599) 545-4237
(1) 305-394-9209

Fax :

(599) 545-2002

Address :


Princess Juliana International Airport          
St. Maarten Netherlands Antilles

Hours :

Daily 8:00 am - 5:pm

E-mail :

    Everyone leaving Statia has to pay a departure fee of US $15.00.

What is the official language? 

Dutch is the official language and is taught in schools and used by government officials, however English is spoken by everyone.

What is the Currency?

The US Dollar is the local currency.  

What type of electricity is on the Island?

The voltage is 110 A.C. 60 cycles. 220 voltage A.C. will not work without a transformer. Plugs tend to be two flat prongs.

What kind of telephone service is available?

             You can call any where in the world from St. Eustatius.  

CaribTel calling cards are for sale starting at  $ 5.00 US Dollar Cards can be bought at the Post office at Fiscal Road and can be used in most public telephones on the island.

You can also purchase a cell phone than go to the local telephone company (Eu-Tel) and purchase a chip and minutes.

To call St. Eustatius from the US and Canada:

Dial 011 (international access code) 599 (country code for the Netherlands Antilles) 318 (the area code for St. Eustatius) and finally the 4-digit number.

Is there Internet access on the Island?

Public access to the internet is available from the Public Library in Oranjestad and at Computers & More (Telephone: 599-318-2596; e-mail: 

You may also purchase/rent internet boxes from the phone company Eu-Tel

Is there cable TV on the Island?

              Yes cable TV is available in the majority of areas on the Island.

Where do I stay on St. Eustatius?

There are hotels on the Island.  Knippenga Estates   The Old Gin House  Kings Well The Country Inn

The Golden Era Hotel     Statia Lodge 

What is there to do on St. Eustatius?

St. Eustatius is a wonderland for nature lovers.  There is hiking and exploring that includes climbing the magnificent Quill (our 300 year old Volcano) which towers 2000 feet on the South end of the Island.  

Diving and snorkeling sites are among the best in the Caribbean.  There are shallow reefs, deep reefs, spectacular sea life (the fish life is abundant with a few rarer species like the flying gurnards, high hats and jack-knife fish), shipwrecks located only 60 ft. underwater, those interested in archaeological dives, St. Eustatius has plenty.

*  Dive Statia
   PO Box 58
   Lowertown, Oranjestad
   Telephone: (599) 318-2435
   Toll-free: 866-614-3491
   Fax: (599) 318-2539
   USA telephone: 1-405-843-7846
   USA fax: 1-405-843-3040
   e-mail: Golden Rock Dive Center
   PO Box 61
   Lowertown, Oranjestad
   Telephone/Fax: (599) 318-2964
   Toll-free US only: 1-800-311-6658

If you are looking for casinos, wild and crazy nights St. Eustatius is not the place for you.  This tiny Island offers friendliness, peace, tranquility, seclusion and privacy to all her quests.

Can I own property on St. Eustatius?

Unlike some other countries (known as leasehold) you can own property (freehold) on St. Eustatius.  Island Estates N.V. guarantees clear title to every lot we sell.  An official deed is passed in the office of the Civil Law Attorney (known as the Notary).

What kind of property taxes are there?

There is a one time tax of 4% due at the time of purchase.  It is Dutch law that the Purchaser pays all taxes and transfer fees on or before the date of purchase.

Does Island Estates N.V. accept payment plans?

NO.  Full payment of the lot price along with the Notary/tax fees and the Meetbrief fees are due before the passing of the deed.  Wire transfers, in the full amount, are the most common form of getting money down to the Islands for payment of properties.

All money from the purchaser is handled by the Notary.

What is a meetbrief?

A meetbrief is what is called a survey document in the United States.  This official paper will give the exact measurements of the lot you are purchasing.  Upon full payment of the meetbrief, you will receive the original from the Kadaster (the surveyor).  Some lots already have a meetbrief so the exact measurements are known, other lots can be custom sized since there is not a meetbrief already in existence.

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